How to Look up your VIN?

How can i Check VIN Lookup to use , you only need your 17 Digit key in the vehicle’s VIN number? Our System will automatically generate a detailed Vehicle history report of the car. This vehicle verification tool can provide valuable information about the vehicle because we have generic data of at least 500 million registered automobiles in North America. The Real-time data has been collected from various credible, authoritative sources; so our customers can always get reliable information of Car report from .

Follow three easy steps to get your Instant VIN Report.


Enter your 17-character VIN Number off the vehicle. This information is found on the vehicles title or insurance papers.


Choose a report package and make the payment. Upon successful payment you are redirected back to your account.


Congratulations! The history report is available and copy has been sent to your email address. You can now download and print the report.


is the most comprehensive automobile history verification platform in North America, Our platform offers users all relevant information related to any used car, SUV, truck and motorcycle through the generation of history reports. The generated Vehicle history report can be used by both sellers and buyers to get all the information when planning to buying or selling an already used vehicle in North America, have wide range of VIN Check by state and also by manufacturer.

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Vehicle History Check

Provides Historical Data & Specification
of Any New & Used Vehicle

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What does a Vehicle History Report contain?

If you are reading this section and curious about your report what you will get in your Car Report? Be with us! Vehicle history reports provide details about a car’s ownership, Lien status, title status, accident history, mileage Records, and more. You must have to know your 17 Digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN Number) to get started. This data has been consolidated from multiple authoritative sources with data that is updated in real time such as.


Salvage/Junk Title Check

We verify your VIN Number against millions of records to get up to date information from State, Federal, Police, Insurance and auction databases.

Vehicle Collision Check

We check your vehicle against our flooded damage, and accidental damage database that collects data from the United States and Canada.

Real time Market Value

Our database scans all the car listing sites across North America with your vehicle’s condition to get the true market value.

Odometer Records

We fetch all available odometer records from state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and dealership & auction sources. You can manually examine the sequence of reported odometer readings to determine if there are any potential discrepancies.

Ownership History & Service Records

Learn the number of owners any vehicle has had and the location and duration of ownership. We also fetch your vehicle service records in chronological order from state DMV, and multiple auctions and dealership databases. Show that a vehicle has been serviced and earn more for your vehicle!

It’s great to check Your VIN lookup by State! If you are dreaming of buying a car but still have doubts about its overall state? Would you like to discover its real type and current specifications in a matter of minutes? No problem! You can do it here, at . All you need to do is run a completely free VIN Check.

Want to check your Car History report by Manufacturer? Do you want to learn about the engine, transmission, or any other vital info about your car? Would you like to find out when and where the car was Manufactured and assembled? It's easy! All you need to do select your car model use our free, handy, and intuitive VIN Number Decoder.

A Vehicle recall Check occurs when a manufacturer or the NHTSA determines that a vehicle model like 2014, every fourth recalled car in the United States did not get adequate repair, so if you are planning to purchase a used vehicle, Truck, SUV, motorbike, then you should run a Vehicle recall check.
Recall information could relate to your safety and help you to save your money to buy perfect used Vehicle for you and your family members and that is why we are offering this service.


Benefits of running Vin check

is an unbiased report that reveals the overall information about any vehicle’s background. You can check various information with our Vehicle verification tool about any vehicle such as vehicle registration specifications, recall information, loan history of the vehicle, mileage records, how old the vehicle is, the number of previous owners, accident or auction records. This way, you get to know all the necessary details about the vehicle you are planning to buy or sell. Simply you should run a Vin Check with your Unique 17 characters (digits and capital letters) provide the vehicles VIN number in order to pull up an instant detailed vehicle history report on any car, truck or motorcycle.

is a tool that will enable you to know how the car has been taken care of by the vehicle’s previous owners. Details about insurance claims, accident records, loan & liens, police reports, service records or manufacturer recalls will come up in the search.

Each VIN report will check the following Information:

  • Vehicle history and information
  • Ownership history
  • Previous odometer readings
  • Maintenance and repair records
  • Previous sales history
  • Accident or flood damage
  • Recalls
  • Salvage check
  • Structural damage

Run a VIN Check today and get the complete history report on any vehicle instantly.

Watch Facts, Not Fax

The Facts Speaks for Themselves

KMF Compare KMF  To  CARFAX Carfax Low cost, comprehensive Vehicle History and Title Report U.S. Department of Justice title data through NMVTIS Virtually real-time title status matches DMV records Open Lien/Loan information including issuing financial institution Seizure, impound and towing data Up to 24 vehicle specifications and optional window sticker withfactory build information Exclusive sales history including historical "FOR SALE" listingrecords from select vehicle listing sites Expanded open recall data: recall severity, parts availabilityrepair costs, reimbursement & more

Benefits of obtaining a Car Report

report is a fully comprehensive vehicle check tool, arming you with vital information about the car you want to buy or sell. uses cutting edge technology to ensure you get accurate and up-to-date information. Every check verifies records from DMV, NMVTIS, Auction, State, Police, Insurance records and more. Every report contains over 60 checks. We have a dedicated team of experts available 24/7 to assist you with any questions you may have. We are proud to be one of the lowest cost providers of detailed car reports.


20% off vehicles that pass through our vehicle report service has something to hide. From an insurance write-off to a mileage discrepancy.


1 out of every 5 vehicles we check have an active finance agreement or loan against it and more than 75 per day are identified as stolen.


On average 15% off the vehicles that pass through our service have had an accident or has claims filed.


1 in 8 vehicles we verify has a discrepancy with its mileage meaning it may have been clocked.



1 IN 12

Vehicles have been recorded as being in an accident!


Vehicles are reported with mileage inconsistencies!


A vehicle is reported stolen in North America!

1 IN 8

Have outstanding finance owing causing you to be liable of the debt!